Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Stains on the black typtop
Two th'ole womain flappyn
Her earmes. Curdle ill fittin.

Closeted rubble shifted
Blaudy scyrte uninformed
Woe men.

The kinder spoke and cursed
Egre radiant busstoppian.

Fallen out into the world
Swirling neglected melange
Flung colour and sound and cents
Linked the latte whaite cent of ma
Ore hunky whiskey baccy sents of pa.

Echo Narcissus rides blind desire
Caeca Libido

Angel angled for d'answerve...
Pimply piercings a turbid see
Of unquenchable desire.

Pink clowned Skye of days
Faire oaf reign falling (THE FALL).
Busted arse clouds maken
Whole into spacious blue andless
Why Where - Bardic playtime
Whey Watt - A fawling throngin'

Stroung contradictions
Bubbling in wondrous acidity
Womit trwon out other
Exiled (Like the kindle above?)
Profane Spectacles.

Logica, rhetorica, & dialecticus
Dance bafflement afronte fences of
Fecal presst forthe dissemble
De state.

A half dead sleepy diptera
Lights my earm and crewlen
Claws an entire world whole
My Flesh, generations of empyres
Rise and Fall unseen unherd
Unknown. & I and I gauze into hair eyes
What do you know of the world?
What poems and songs sung?

Life mawking saw bones
Lust handing pornographer
Fall Fell Melding

Whorl of metal & plastique

Oui cancan corn
Felt conficker viral...
Our blind failings.
And bland fallings.
Never felt desire.

And we know not what Victory
In the gwot will look like...
But once work becomes play
We will know Revolution

Has been one.

The Bus Fyre

WASHINGTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama, in his first major military decision, has ordered 17,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan to tackle worsening insurgent violence, the White House said on Tuesday.

Can't have enuf of dat sweet sweat change we canna belief in

The Bus Fyre
(Or The Tire Down Below)

Her true Penelope was
Two timing clamp
Chess playing idyll


She sed

They are rebirthing the
City against (And by they
She can only mean the greedy
The Rich (The ones who sway
This is howie most live -
Taint no other))

O happy day - Old crappy
Lay - this tynkle tangle of
Bosses and cranes yawning
Off brilliant yeller plant
Tearing apart the streets
How many restaurants cafes
Does one zyg zag
Jumbuck town need?
How many beauteaks
How many shype shapes
Penal crap salvations
Private medicinal cliniks?

Oh Awe

Vile language violent
Violets of coercion
Dear red Languor
Read dare Heaving
Your viola of vial corrosion

She alone


She re created anew tort fort
The objection - Our Master Mitre
(Randy Rudy Ready - All boys giggled)
Partial - Brittany - Sham forger
The stud ei ei o is a hidey hole
Mouse housed holdout

Soiled Solid Sold
To the datum
The clotted hand

And he seide,
Lo! the puple is oon,
and o langage is to alle,
and thei han bigunne to make this,
nethir thei schulen ceesse of her thouytis,
til thei fillen tho in werk;

therfor come ye, go we doun,
and scheende we there the tunge of hem,
that ech man here not the voys of his neiybore.