Friday, May 3, 2013

What I Learnt at University

Picture comes from the Spacebar gallery found on Facebook. It has been blowing a gale here in Tasmania. Any way let us crack on with the post, What I Have Learnt at University...

Poets and Playwrights

Singers and Speakers

All lie.

Driving, pleasant early morning suburban

Side streets hugging, building a horizon

Old timey sand stone university.

Concrete sculpted captured

Trees blush ebb dry fade from green,

Fall as mud mulch across dozy blades.

Else wasted upon the sun heated

Million year dead dragon bitumen

(On stony ground. When the sun is risen,

It is scorched; having no root it withers.)

Just as blue flame under the pot adds energy

And sets in motion the placid luke water,

Roiling and boiling and tumble rattling

The pot. A disturbing tumult. Even so

Do the thick invisible hot wide exhaust

Dragon half consumed fumes curb

Crawling council bus blow and boil.

A noisy confusion set in motion creaking

Cracking fading leaves. And in the distance

A stately line of cars slow files up

The low rise and turning to my right

The rising waxing sun catches and flashes

Mirrors or back windows.

Alone. Snap. Back now.

The solemn drip

Of cars disappears behind the rise.

And I am left alone.

Invisible silent unknown