Thursday, December 20, 2007

The First Frost Is The Worst

The forest sits heavy
Hovering faked ice thinice -
Iced hallows of spittle shaded
Caused slight discoloration lane

Not yet able to sense
Stern facile of glory

Gather black white brigade
Of morning magpie pee wee lark -
Or wild nest-raging currawongs
Magpies triumphant hopjumphunt
Pig-a-pecko worms not grubs
More beetles - turning about
Ice collared busted flakes
Barking dogs (with one
Particular magpie
She embraces)
One young 'un magpie
(Still not quite black)
Razes her head and sings
Calling all the others
Of her ilk of kindness
Thin wisps of steam
Twist and disappear.

Sub Urban

The suburban fear
Of the dark

The surface of the swollen
Creek - Mystic

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lap Dogs (The Bush Poodle)

the king of spain stood in my doorway
underneath a leaden sky - looks like rain

tears of all of heaven
tears of all the lies
constant and the lies

the king of france stepped my threshold
and we laughed and laughed and danced

and no chemicals were found
and no illnesses were found
only the ones the fires brought

and my uncle squatted over the flowers
and shat himself and his bull dog
pup licked his filthy anus clean

Holy Brothel

Junkies heard the lonely dawn
Awake all night - looking - hoping
Not finding...

Buildings collapsed
New fangled weapons - who would have known
We had no way of knowing...
We would have moved mountains...
Billions of dollars
Mountains of money
We had no way of knowing...

Not unforeseen - but allowed to happen
What else can we conclude.

Women carried their
Dreadful puking infants
Another generation of death
Another generation to die
Sacrificed to the altar of money

The doctor fucked a woman
(He did not know her name)
In his car behind the super market
Vomited her holy brothel

Breathless ideas of sad bombings
Soldiers killed all that was happy
Monstrous rulers begged for sultry cock
While the free fell asleep
Beside tired creeks - we have done enough
Lawyers raped the angry electorate

Demons trampled upon breathless flower children
Ideas seduced - Ideas based on money and money alone

Saturday, December 15, 2007


this piece was published in issue six of the block journal "The journal is edited and produced by A.N.U. Writers, a student collective based at the Australian National University in Canberra."

Indistinct of an obscur gully obtuse
Mockinall liarbird only seeks
After three truths when
Three free objects dare agree
Only the lieingbirdseeks
Treestars glomegulchen

By mysterious monster misters
Indistint wellmeta oldfella metamorphobes
His ownlywee dauters innarock stone there
Safe tecting them allsafe one heldefil
And turned himself into a mockin creature
All at once to ovidious maden toletgo
Hiss magipointinbone waxcovered
Endless forever and ever anne dever
Birdscratch of bec becca beccus
Grubbin allowances of compost
Soas too allure maze cockies
Descend unnavygate wilscrublan
Dark gloomgolet none holying truenort
Sirensigningsong fore steedy seduction
Into the wildress brumbybush oldoldold
Ancien mountains maintain oldenstoopd
Achin repeat oft mocksingsong covover
Childim off cloud concealt
Childen off crowds revealt
Thickscent glowing mushrooms

Oinly the lionbirt seekeyen afertooth
Ownly afernoon whan make dear peacen

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sky Too

Is flooding under
She said - He said
Overheating has been
Returned which was pawned

Weary drover south wends
Into the Golden Barrows

And the early moaning of rain
And sleet gave way to a cloud
And a thin boy brain from
Mountain to crevasse is
All that maintains


That is what I call refusing to live
Her words pierced me
I am not sure how -
Or even why - or which
Part of me had been...
It must be vanity
I thought to myself
I was quiet and I thought
To myself in her quiet
Time of our closeness
Her home - I really must go
Home - I must get back I
Whispered in the darkness

She sighed
Adultery is functional for you

Something must return
(I remembered this from a computer
Course I took in university)
Beware of side effects I laughed
To myself

Her warmth in my arms
Curled up on the couch
Her feet off the floor
I like your hair this colour
She said - It looks nice
Darker - it contrasts your pale
Skin - She wore a thin robe
Smooth - and was naked under
I could feel her warmth
Rising - From our previous
Love making that evening
She was still

I kissed her
She kissed me
Wanna go again?
She pulled me close
Sure just don't let me
Fall asleep I have
To get home.