Sunday, December 22, 2013


Three days windy rain.
Three days rainy wind.
Leaf twig stripping.
Wave crest spindrift.
Foam gathers dirty the strand
Battered of wind and rain days.
Crashing sea spray and salt
Thin covers cars and houses.

Rain and wind
Rattling windows
Tin night roof drumming
Dreaming. I am disturbed.
Roused sleep, broken branches,
Troubling dreams.
My child
My ten year old son dead.
On the street. His face bruised,
So much so I can not tell
Him, save by his feet.

It seems. So real.
My heart races.
My gut heaves
I feel ill.
Retching reaching
Stumbling stairs.
I can not sleep.
I listen his
Ten year old
Reassuring rhythmic
Sleep breathing.

Chamomile tea
To sleep settle.
I close my eyes
That image
Again and again.
I see.
Again the image.

A book. Maybe.
Read to nod.
Dozing off. Sleep.
Diverting mind
Void restless
Away false powers.
The dark cloudy night
Howls moonless.
Swaying dancing
Trees lash the roof.
Cracking creaking
Sounds of stress.
Leaves and branches
Scatter the garden.
Gather the garden.