Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Change Repose

I have been busy and neglectful, and I have not added any poems or what not. As I have not been writing anything of any intent lately, my hand has been forced and I have dug up some younger and older poems. This one is some sort of a love poem, and with echos of the dark philosopher. As the sun never ending explodes and consumes - expanding endless fire and then contracting the crushing gravitation, as the sun even so is our loves.

I think this was written sometime in the mid nineties.

Nothing is true of this poem any more, all the persons real or imagined are now dead, past along; fit only as a feast for the birds and dogs.

Single Step

There is...
Upon a flat seascape. A plot of sport, of salt
This is where the ship went down
Twisted metal. Flouncing oil.
The very real fears
Of the wounded.

And I am reminded of your smile
Your laughing neck.
A mocking toss of the head.

And what we call love.
We Overlap.

At times I collapse within you.
At times I recoil.