Thursday, April 29, 2010

Settlement Eve - The Witch of the Beach

Standing at yet again a cross roads of my life. went down to the cross roads (with my black dog cloud) fell down on my knees...

After four months the deed is all but done.

Purging new watery stomach illness.
Lunar flood and ebb, endless tidal rolls.

The flooding tide is exuberance.
The ebbing tide is melancholy.

Myriad shakers whispering over years
Of seashore and her myriad names and roles.

Fashioned a thigh bone unearthed dead child flute
To enchant with listless drowsiness the cruel ones.

The wailing sailing ship rolled industrial seas
And the crew felt jilted by the Boston and London
Owner masters. We need to increase our share.
For are we not the ones who toil the stony
Seas, who climb and fall monotonous motion waves?
Did we not, just last week, farewell mates young and true?
Sun burnt, wind burnt, cold burnt, salt burnt the crew flared
In impious revolt, and hacked about and threw
Christian captain headless over wave splashed side.
Face down the sand the entrance to the inlet.
Earth of the sun made his corpse swell and hotter he grew.
And vigorous came shining greenery and plants,
And ingenious came signing birds and stowaway
Creatures, soon he was covered with sandy life.
On the crew sailed on to fabulous islands
Of the Brazilian freedom coast where lived legion
Squads and ships of freebooters and ragamuffins,
Building families, enlightenment wealth promise,
Made for all in harmony and with equality.
Wisely had the masters insured again lost loot.
Boston and London slept no gains. And the caution
To this day still sleep guards the inlet. Dreaming songs
Remembering cloudless bells to jingle the sea foam
Rolling endless up and down ocean sand shore.

The old woman tosses and shakes her long wet hair,
The gardens of kelp swaying the turbulent seas.
Feared by some she dances and leaps playful dolphins.
Wandering sand songs and bells and haunts ancient
Walking the beach she reads and deciphers fortunes
To come, births and deaths into the future. The shape
Of the foam the sounds of rolling swells and sea shells.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Driving and Waiting

selling the house and moving interstate leads to many delays

Action at a distance is magic...

A morning of last minute
Tedious back forth rushing.

Pained the warriors of Madagascar
Will not eat hedgehog, fear of timidity
Being swallowed so transforming arms.
Nor any that died fighting or was speared.

Croaking frogs sing - jealous husbands kill wives
Innocent. With only a knotty tree witness.

On the road - waiting
Magpies sing warble the second sun rise.
Cloudy and rainy - gray cloud rainy.
Endurance Place. Ashkanasy jogging
McDonald more cop lands. Last chance laughing.
Bright yellow flowering artery side.

Dead magpie. Three pigeons. Telephone wire.
Lines of road work or digital spirit levels,
More beeping trucks banking up. Fresh hill of
Cantered trees. Red wine bottle brush humming
Yellow and black fine haired social insect.

Industrial protective films. Sol dies.
Pink belly winged birds cross dual carriageway.
Far off wind turbines spin on far off hill.

Redwood left sheep sharp station creek run
Mount hoarding house agony ponds
Pebbly beach.

Around about midnight piss down rain storm.
First day night at the bench hours. Buckets
Of tears slashing the keys lashing all things.
Fleshy frightening and tumble foundlings.
Cold coffee left out cause twitchy bites
Of buzzing small insects. Dawn breach rising.

Too much rain for a rhythm falling
Too much noise to hear. They called to join.
Too much rain splashing and slashing wind
Too much noise to make a melody.
Blood sucking insects they swell and next feed.
Too strong a storm for a rhythm to emerge.
They called her over. And now crest fallen,
Tear welling, her panties around her ankles,
The older girls laugh at the cruel joke sprung.

School stream school - nearly one in the morning.
Weapons drawn? Will this knight ever end?

Tensions of twisty mist tissues swirling
Around abort the saddle bank maintain.
Strange matrix of land and water, rivulets
And tuft of grass. Dead turtle the roadside.