Thursday, December 13, 2007


That is what I call refusing to live
Her words pierced me
I am not sure how -
Or even why - or which
Part of me had been...
It must be vanity
I thought to myself
I was quiet and I thought
To myself in her quiet
Time of our closeness
Her home - I really must go
Home - I must get back I
Whispered in the darkness

She sighed
Adultery is functional for you

Something must return
(I remembered this from a computer
Course I took in university)
Beware of side effects I laughed
To myself

Her warmth in my arms
Curled up on the couch
Her feet off the floor
I like your hair this colour
She said - It looks nice
Darker - it contrasts your pale
Skin - She wore a thin robe
Smooth - and was naked under
I could feel her warmth
Rising - From our previous
Love making that evening
She was still

I kissed her
She kissed me
Wanna go again?
She pulled me close
Sure just don't let me
Fall asleep I have
To get home.

1 comment:

canberramomma said...

Would love to be your lover. Your words moved me as I haven't been moved in a long, long time.