Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor Cat Lean

God ole Fred me lad - git in the truck

Piping hot c'mon whistle g'won
Anzaced hands stroke brindled fell
Give the doggie a treat

Gotta go down the markets;

Luck to Tank Sir Frederick
She woulda called 'im

Dont know why i boffer
Taint no one a-buying

Sometimes Fred reminds me
Makes me fink of his mum

Damndest best ratter we ever had
Cant tell yet ifin Fred
Will reach her heights

Kept the storage shed
All clear of rats - 'member?

Makes me fink on you

God damn it all to buggery 'ell!

It's all up the shitter...

No weder on d'rizin...

Cant see how...
The land...

And now this...
All this...

Humph! If not for you Freddie
Ida got nussin'

Damn dawg aint enuf!

We'll stop by this arvo
Spen'sum toime eh?!?

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