Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Up Rally people organised a rally today in canberra - at parliament house. So we took the kids out and had a fun sunday afternoon.

Come to the Bolsheviki...

Here by the parliament house (sunny blue clear)
Here we have a dervish of deceit

Don't go past this point people...
Don't going makin' your point.....

Don't make no political yammerings
Past here.

Caws the coppers will arrest ye
Can't have no politics in parliament
'Cepting it bein' of the right sort

No right to strike - the stat'll fine ya
Take your house offya - No boycott
Use the power of the state
Control of the senate
Company can sue for loss of revenue
Wool growers were happy

On bended knee

Cool Bossa Nova
Please Kevin
Please Malcolm
Be our climate change

Bloom it all! tawt us -
'Tis the love of heros
What got us into this mess.

But now we can po-mo see
The revolution is
A dinner party eh -
Or at least a cool lounge
Cocktail party. Cossack partly?
(Not the festival of the oppressed)

And a cossack rode out of his squad
On the other side of the square
And cut down the lieutenant of infantry
And that was the revolution...
as soon as they named it.

A sausage sizzle.
July 2005:
Physics World:
"The animules we eatUp emit 21
% of all the CO2 that
can be attributed to
human activity."

And then there is the land degradation
The compacting of land the overgrazing
Erosion spreading salt rising...

Canna cutta downa alla trees. yeah?
These limestone plains and 'pect it
Rain rain.

A-knowin' the elephant
Vast filled with carps of dervish desires

One chance to save the world
And Da Stern Banker he a-spoked on it
"Economies what go green - dem be the ones
Way up in front lah!"

And how much CO2 will be released
If we burn it all down?

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