Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Day

Reading the papers monitoring the media and i came up with this. maybe the moral is to not read the papers :-)

It's been a hards days genocide
Maybe from years ago - over 100 know
When King Leopoldly tort 'em how to cut off
Their hands and this was used for payment
Proof that the work work was dun

Ancient MacEdon grace farme yeard 'ouse
6K yearn olden thyme
Fity ate quare metres
Long fore Mégas Aléxandros stud ant of
The Philo Sofia
So Lucian called it 'now insignificant'
(But dis was somefing like 5C yearum ladder)

Panikd celling on the bourse
Flesh of the Purse
Murder on the big board Corn
Hide of the Purse

And the Aethiopian executes the ones
That trumpet war, rise up the young mens
Blood and sow set arm against arm
Those who propagandissse form warm
Those who make war seem rational

Those who woulda - if they were able

(Not too old or
like sum naught to high)


At West Point - betrayed now (AT LEAST) twice
Ready to strike at a moment's notice
In any dark corner of the world

The UN Charter tells us not even to threaten war
Not even to threaten

From the threat
Use of force


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ric_man said...

Very complex and agressive in tone!