Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yellow Wattle

This is something i wrote on the bus at least a year or so ago - just tidied it up a bit - so i thought i would pass it on.

In the morning she was gazing
Here was warmth, there was radiance
Magpies calling and sheep grazing
Yellow wattle fragrance

Blooming wattle bleeding
Wild potato dreaming

Big fat rabbit - craven
Dogs - red and white pigeon
Shiny flame eyed raven
(That has learned (and once learned passed on)
How to avoid the toad's poison)

Dress the new dregs style
With a hope and go hog wile
A scrap of torn dress (that was scrimped)
And up the woolen troopers jumped
Out one two three smile

Along the planes of downs
Where free leaping roos yawned
Rugged worn tumble brown
Rows of ills and beyond...

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