Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Looking at the Americans - maybe the nature of women is not to nurture. For what is natural in our sign posted world??

Eris - daimona of discord
Winged hunter of battle fields
Delighting in bloodshed
Bathing clean of bloodshed.

Eris - daimona of blood strife
Night daughter and
Drinker of blood

For her wrath is relentless.

Eris - daimona of blood strife
Bare relentless toil
And forgetfulness.

Jealous Eris hard hearted
Eris delighter after bloodshed
Sister of man slaughtering
Ares who would tarry long
After the battle's end
Rejoicing in blood
Her blood stained hands
Lifting her skirts.

Eris Rise Rice.

Radiant of Magdalena
The death of THE OTHER
Children a price we are
Willing to pay.

Terrible strife the two rivers
Of blood strife stains
We would do it all Again.

And now the new messiah
Eris - let us reign down
Fire and death
Upon the Sudanese.

Sweet sounding song of
Lunatic riser up of strife
Sistren of Ares whose
Viperine hair drips
Imperial Death

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