Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I fell asleep on the grass in the afternoon - the hot sun on my skin. And then i woke up...

As he slept
He felt a fluttering
Of butterflies.


Summer wind burns wide the wood lands
Lightning fire flames oily tops of trees
Racing all before - desolate gales heated
Embers ballon tumble the heavens - whirling flames
Cyclones of orange, of red, of blue, of yellow
Blinding smoke bursts alight
Flame jet jutting from trees
Shadowing the sun - darkening the earth

Crowning curtains of orange flame rushing skywards
Dancing from tree top to tree top clouds of flame
Parched black blankets of ground - death gives life
The heat opens the hard casings and the seeds fall
Times are a burn makes what it needs and rain falls

(equal death life)
> true

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic pleasure it has been to discover your writing here. Will be back for a beer later. Cheers.