Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let All Malthusians Go Hang!

OK! this one has it all! From the Korean Police Action to Shane Warne to Dave & Ansel Collins to Elton John to Hamlet to Venus in Furs to The Oxen of The Sun - it just goes on and on - and all along it builds up a hatred of Capitalism and Militarism.

It is not just greed, like some say, that has caused the down turn.
Economic crisis is not a moral equation! (we must live beyond good & evil).

It is deeper, it is the very logic of Capital that leads to these wars and these down turns and to this world of macho hero bullshit.

For what is a bayonet, if not a tool with a worker at either end!

Let All Malthusians Go Hang!

She incheoned her loafer
After sum Khe Sanh halt months
Man she led her sway - by
Indirections etc
Hambonelet - ham it shut slut
Of ham lust - slam it hut!

Stinking dave dove son of
Gratitude - 'tis gunners
Be a long long trireme
I am a rick rock let us be man
& Mars bars a place to raise
Your kit clubbing kats.
She salt hummed and
Sealed one inch of the sobbing
Bastini life of lies.

And she let mat lush her
Cocksacs upupon his ucrank
Poldy land (sledded and none such)
All wit furry fairy head hits
Loud whoreson cries of whippets
And long wimp its wimp it good
Ground zero of the magnificent
Life drawing warne time
Severin AM - I am the magnificent
(She pissed posh upon his
Aught ought workswerving)
She shot
And hauled at the lunatic tuna
Tic tank dough of your
Dribble drabble. She larfed
His hat slum salt hum into his
Burning hot sun eye balled
And sheer sworded never to swear
And hit him agin gain this on
The lam thus two Severins
And two strep troats accosting
Strangers for accounting.

Be Gone!
Monocle Theists
Gee Borne!
Monocle Theists

This time she found one
From Aria loud land - gave her
One good old smack, a virtual
Paddy whack, upon the guild
Of her girdled muddle draped
In like a barb marley snack
Of pasta spud a Doodle Doo
Unless and until the first Sargent
Left tenant Piggy O'Piggies
And Cuntstable Clitoris
Apprehended dis here red ulcer
Farce forced ulster red hand.

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