Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Child's Memento Mori

There is matter in motion.

The Argument.
The worms crawl in
The worms crawl out
They crawl in your eyes
And out your snout.

Stilted over night intimacy white rye seed
Wry white fluff swirling and flurrying
Telopea parks bench of cold hypothermia minus three.
Woke with the taste of disputation in my mouth.
With clear sun burning mist, legendary ham fisted
Intro slaughter starter, walking lame, fog rising
Cold or wet, tired you bet. All I'll soon forget.
Beach mommy beach mommy beach cheery mom bomb
Withered echos of the panting summer killing drought.
See how path, beaneath the trees, is still wet.
Once the trees are gone, that's it, all she wrote.
The withering shall enlarge.
And my feet be too big bedwise
Sew eye dig me some talkin to the sun
And I
Dolt like disa way you got things done.
Only the universe full of outa space
Dint never ever talk back.
Beach Mommy Beach Mommy. Beautiful. It's a cycle.

I am left alone on my own.
The flowers of disappointment blooming
Bud blood insatiable Gorgon. Outlandish.
Scared children huddled wooly foolish down.
Sob sob sobbing. Dig dig digging.
Beach Mommy Beach Mommy Meach Bomby.
Jump spring clap clap jump. Beam Mayhem Comb.
And the spring springing sprung out door
Of happy dancing flipping children.
Spring jump clap jump. Beach mommy, Beach mommy.
If I seem broken and blue, walk on by jump spring.
Dark slack black ringlets shimmering
Bounding cool Christmas jazz night lights.
Left alone amid the limitless of time and
Expansion. I am alone. Across countless
Generations there is only one. Ever. Alone.
More precious than all other things, more precious
Than gold or emeralds. Greater than greed
For things, is our uniqueness, our collaborative
History. There is no god. There is no rebirth.
No resurrection. No reincarnation.
Only accidental bringing into being
And dispersal. No gods parcel out
Justice, no rewards nor punishments.
The spiral tongue of the butterfly.
Wanted Julio's slimeskin a vent.
Doshed as a law liar. We sprayd rifle rounds
At a cool blunt of cold smooth marble to mark
A statue. Colourful beetles of poison crawl
Around and about and under out caverns of
Mounding handmade vanilla home bean.
I scream about shattered ice cream.
Larva that chews living infant eyebones.

Clay clay clay. Beach Mommy Clay Girls.
Clouds of butterflies unroll coiled
Tongues, absorbing minerals. Coiled
Prehensile tail. Gray and light and scattered
Blue slate gray curtains falling rain - windy
Mountain rains. And my wife and children
Have to go fly, non est. Holiday borderlands
With Robby the peg and some faceless others
Curdle hurdle the windy hills and Robbi
Must visit some brand of specialist quackster.
I started the scent of disputation in my mind.
Wild wind whipping, tree bending, lip chapping
Football weather. Jump spring clap clap jump
Clay girls oee clay girls oee. Necklate?
Ancient civic honour swept rightless oi polloi.
We argued, my eldest and a friend of hers
Abort nothing, about how much heatache shrieks
In the grand earth quake stream of Karmic justice.
I felt embarrassed, lieu i had lost control.
No justice. Non ens. Heavens. The young Mother
Who allows herself to die, who is allowed
To die to bring forth her child. There is
No special place in heaven. There is drear waste.
The child busted at teh first, the husband,
The parents, maybe siblings orphaned.
A family, extended, destroyed, all at once, all
For naught. There IS NO SPECIAL PLACE in heaven.
Only corruption and decay, flesh rotting past
Of the no longer loved actress. Peeling paint...
For saintly sainted souls jumping beach martyr.
Jump jump clap spring jump clap flip and feet
Landing sort of blue weather of bright sun
Olive shaded gum leaves down faced the blue
Emptiness of nothing but space in all directions.
For all time. Rock drive drill home.
Dancing tall spirit of grape and the spirit
Of rich loam capture spin shining sun ball
And turn all that into this. Sad slow wild rides
Of wild scheming, grave her forth dreamt
Of the one dog chewing on the other.
Hag skin blood mouth hanging, so unleashed to end
One weak of giving away. Clay jump girl spring.

Well I'm be damned here comes your ghost again...
No est; nothing. Ourselves alone. No eternal
Life. And so within more than five billion
Years we pass some sixty or so years.
Disawon disawon. jump clap jump spring.
Cause I need some of that vagueness now.
Gas bagging shooting shit passion time
And old black jazz many to a type and the
Other cat nameless, faceless was bald
And sweaty. Latter I watched these eyes
Of jazzman shades. I hipster headed watched
The gaudy vested day glo council workers
Footpath fixing with instant fast bitumen.
Clap clap flip flap. Jump and spring worms
Crawl in and the worms crawl about and out.
And that is all, passing by the homestead
But the once. In all that time and space
We are nothing. Life is a precious accident,
Each one equal and unique. We have ourselves
Alone this world to organise and band together.
And moribund dead christ chewers balk at
The immenense distances of time and space.
Fearful they retreat and i larf. "No i do not",
I laugh agin and sign, "I do not feel the need to
Respect your fiend who lives amid the clowns."
Just substance, and a ritual of tears and dirt.
And all the organs rotting safely underground.
Gut no need for 'em, but selfish take 'em.
I awoke with the flame of discouragement
Ringing across my long dead child ears.

All there is; is expanding friendship and
Forging our minds in all ways. This love
Of friends, of human thought stands astride
The infinite. All we are, are plans of
Love and friendship. Rock drive drill hammer.
Paving warm too and fro they ramble warm
Frothy beer into the windy process gutter,
Maybe groping along lines of grouped stars.

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