Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watching the Sea Lions

So an old friend mentioned she had been to northern california and it was cold sweatshirt weather, but she got to watch a seal play. and we have seals in australia. around the southern seas between NSW & tasmania and victoria. and i thought of them and then how telemachus fought proteus (the great bull seal at the centre of the harem). and the how seals and whales and gold connect california (1849) to australia (1851) and the theft of the land and the sea. and hands in mackerel snapping trouser pockets kerouac from mill town new england. and before long the whole damn thing had written itself. enjoy or not at your leisure & pleasure.

Happy water slapping surface bounding seals.
Slap happy sea lions ever changing.
Children of Proteus, held ever dear tight,
Gripped Telemachus, lost daddy lover.

The old man of the sea hugged round his children,
Seal furred grasp Telemachus grappled Knowledge
Of his long lost far away sea spirit
Loving father. Happy seals, sea splashing.
Wave all king philip mornington port bay
Road of rolling feud and bloody fight and theft
That fills the caskets of the wealthy few,
That false the bottom dark heart of them all
Successful families. And so sleek coated
Sea lions humboldt it far far away.
Far from doomed sorrento to desolation
Spear, crazed buckleys gold alone convict cave.
Big angel surge of dulouz and gerard.
Poor sad ti jean hands in pockets wishing
To be long time gone and asway in heaven...

But we dont get that -
Dont get nuting even close
Just a spit of water
Coilt from california
To tasmania.

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