Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Crisp of the Crackling is in the Chawing

I wrote this after reading something about pig farming. It always shocks me when i read about the incredible cruelty involved with this sort of caper. It was hard to find solid numbers about husbandry and water usage, waste etc so all these numbers are quite conservative.

The title is from Finnegans Wake.

ABS estimates up to 320 liters
Of water used
Per kilo of beef.

38 percent
Water is for livestock
And pasture.
10 percent all grains
(Including rice)
Only 3 percent grain
Another 6 percent
On fruit and veg.

The vegescarians are out
Inforse - sending the willy
Billys up them spine bone
Of the conifers. Thus who
Are haphap happy to divers shout
Lick spittle lips of breezy
Distended belly moan
Falsifatted lies to unscrew.

130 times the amount of waste
Livestock to humans. Mostly untreated.
Exempt from regulations.
How much shit would a piggy shit if
Piggy could shit. (23 litres (on average))
Hobbled and feverish...
150,000 of them crowded together.

Abducted liver of duck duck goose,
Brains of sheep, the lungs of lamb,
Holes of hungry cowboys
Filled with textured tripe and sinew.
(Finger licking, down chin dripping juice).
Or still silken knickered jam
Tart of firm tofu.
Scorning boosers of greasy spew.

Antibiotics by the score.

June twenty two,
Nein ten more than,
Phortie Won.
Invade CCCP - reinforce
Militarism - Democracy
Can not survive. Like in 1792.

"From this place,
And from this day forth
Begins a new era
In the history
Of the world.

And you can all say that you were
Present at its birth."

Crackling open rich farm land
Commune bones and vampyre wise
Drinking down the rich marrow
Dripping greasy chin.
Cracking open the bones.
Rich stem cell providing

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