Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Along Ho!

Writing poetry on the bus and thinking about how the media controls everyday life, i came up with this. And how the military learned some lessons from Viet Nam and did not learn others. Seems they learned more about domestic control than about defeating insurgents.hegemony it is sometimes called.

Enjoy the free wallpaper. click on the picture to open it up and then copy it using your favorite method.

Along Ho! Whale of amore
Came inaudible from the valmy
Eart myself. Being there low (like
The worry songs of Ella Peartz).

The sound waves profited true
The grind, true the winds stone.
The greater maker moundy muddy stoney,
Sandy stone, Limey stone, the sanity
Wound looms aboit the ground water.

Torn and striped and exploded
And poisoned. Gaia criet
Out and amid the noiz of
The city state rapid in Tet valleys
Band snuggly bunny hard again the wood.
Earth embracing seas poy signposted;
Ore the chitter chatter of the cafes,
Slight clinking of gripe and mendacity
And shite - eat it all up gringos.
Father forget them and all such like
Christ like quotes and we canny let
The Wymen Volk out front army front
And centre line. And if it is so

The jarring clashing coin upon coin
Ringing all around falling dead
To the ground. Counting, amounting,
Not many here the cries and thems
That dew, well they are all
Marginalised, spat, vomit upon.
The power of the stated airwaves
Of the opinion stages.

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ric_man said...

Do you think anyone would have cared about the global financial crisis (GFC) in Australia if the media didn't constantly feed everyone financial doom and gloom?