Sunday, October 18, 2009


Went to the coast and stood on the beach and thought about calypso's island. I thought it was a good poem when i first wrote it, but now i am not so sure. Anyway have fun with it...

Sly eyed Odysseus sighed seven years.
Longingly the salt sea breaking waves.
Eons of pebbles and broken shells
Run tumble up and back the beach.

The unprizable sun relentless
And the blinding burning sand
Fuels and fires wasting sorrow.
His longing for his wife, his son
His home, his place...

Dissembling tears. On the foam embraced sand,
Fair braided nymph, enchanted island, she sings
Songs as sweet and light as the Bell Miners call.
And the air is dusky dim with aromatic dreams,
Faint spices of cypress and eucalypt trees.

Tears for Penelope
Tears for Telemachus
Tears for long dead comrades.

The All-Seeing Slayer
Ungracious gods! with spite and envy cursed!
Still to your own ethereal race the worst!

Did ever goddess by her charms engage
A favour'd mortal, and not feel your rage?

In the evening,
As when the sun goes down, the rosy-fingered Moon
Outshining all the stars, her light spreads
Over the salty sea, over the many-flowered fields.
Odysseus returns treacherous
To the daimon and her enchanting haunt
Her soothing oils and calming wine.
The obscure pair
Clamor'd the livelong night.

And with the child of morning...

And so away wretched man
You came here half dead and alone!
It was I who raised you back to life gave you
Health and strength gave you love
And two children. When Zeus mocked
And scorned and cursed you, when
Zeus killed all your crew, alone,
Forsaken in the wide sea, it was I
Who brought you back. Now Zeus relents.
And you! Fie! on Zeus and Fie! on you.
Go I say, be on your way.
Back to your puny wealth, to your
Flocks and herds to your wife and women
Skilled in many arts. Back to your men
Skilled in rowing and destroying.
Back to your blood feuds and your vanity.

Zeus Penelope Laertes
All goad you into hate. It was I gave you back
Your tears and sighs your silent whispers.
You could have stayed with me.
We could live forever never weakening
Never forgetting or trembling gray.

Go back to your loom loosening wife
Now near forty and gray and tired.
I foretell only death and killing,
A great massacre in your house.
And you shall teach your son, barely downed
With whiskers, to kill in anger, to slaughter
The giggling chits, and you and your son
With be coated with blood and filth
And you will win your puny crown.
And Heros shall gain renown and be
Sung of and down through generations.
For what?! A splash of ribbon, a lie
Or a plot of land. It is absurd!
Odysseus you may be a many witted man
But you lack imagination.

Free and forever
Together as One
We could have lived
A bower of bliss.

Go I will not stop you, it is commanded
I shall give you all assistance I can
I will give you food and wine and fair wind.
So take this not as a curse, but rather
A vision terrifying of what I see
For I can see your future devious man
Forever and ever on shall you fight
Over nothing and kill over illusions.

Insatiate are ye Gods, past all that live,
And it were the Americans what parked
Dear tanks by the flesh pots
And tar pits burning of ruined

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