Wednesday, December 30, 2009


proletarius, literally child producers. the ones; in ancient rome, who had no wealth, only their children. proles -is means children or offspring. so regardless of what you think, it is what the great majority of us are, those who have no wealth, and who need to work to allow the reproduction of every day life. i know if i do not work, i will after not many weeks be seriously in the poop.

The proletarian leaves the house
And drives alone, or maybe takes
The bus. Engages in small talk.
How is the Weather? Today is
Tuesday, almost half way through the
Week, I hope it rains. And into
The office, the factory, the shop,
The hospital, et alia. Cocooned
With noise or barriers alone
The proletarian does an
Alloted amount of work within
A well measured amount of time.
Inequality of pay comes
About due to the supply
And demand of specific skills
Of the individual worker.
Some are worth more to the bosses
In one particular place and time.

In this manner human, social
Activity is carried out.

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