Sunday, December 6, 2009

Same sex marriage laws

In response to the weak attempt by the ACT government to pass
legislation to create equality in marriage arrangements, and Kevin
Ruddocks threat to overturn the legislation a day of action was
planned. So we went to the rally held in Garema Place at 13:00
Saturday Nov 28.

Mourning of Intoxication.

Dawn of Father Light, restraining corrupting.
Night brings only shades and our imaginings.
'Tis the wide son of the further that breeds crimes.
'Tis the desiccating sun that is our times.

Dawn Kouros embodying light and reason
Well proportioned, naked, the despotic pose
Becomes freedoms step, a motion forward.
Weight on both feet,
Rigid arms straight down,
Hands into fists clenched.
Like the young recruit fresh faced, no body hair,
Without fear marching into battle, the first time,
So Apollo Kouroi straight ahead looks
Into the future, into history. With dawn
Comes the armed brotherhood,
The Rule of the Father.
With the evening comes love
And the bosom of family.

Up with the six A.M. kids
Eggs coffee a soiled nappy.

At night the pool extends to the verandah
The hard vane trauma of firtoomunch wotka.

Dog barking, magpie swooping
Hazy smoke, smokie hazing

Dust storm of inconsiderate drivers
Road side fresh five ybuck fruitiers.

Crimson red carre pechschwarz carre
Grunanlage publick park car
A white truck, a motocykill.

Battle swap, petrel sanction, varchar wishie,
Washy restaurant, Icy higher, furniture
Swap sharp az god in dandy is good az new.
Medical clinique, apothecary,
Spawning returning goods, eclectical
Grounds for divorce droning across the back
Blox of bel canto, pitiless infanta
Protesting the hari whipping window
Upon the open weir a hoarse an iamby
Kinny kinnt kin all tight top curled wooly.
Dear telephone tower principessa tour.
Rocky Point parks constriction construction.
Puffed out shirt sales on the Lake of Artifice.
Trailing personal trailer load becomings.
Crane and wight and read all over. Fair off
Arod the bank of sluggish light and earning
Spill away fooky craven members sty.
The rest indies fail falling on a green
Gabba one chained pop top humid swinger
Tweedy yearns inna sweep cleaning row now.
Popping huevos rancheros splatter oil.
And then he, and then he, and then he said...
Tirty tree degrees already. Get it?
Frijoles refritos. Deep fried tofu.
Parlement parlez-vous of open green space
Mighty zonal tuba mirum mighty
Trumpt blast and triangles, plucked violins
Strings of gutted canine black as your hat
Dig doggie dog long side bitey bite machs.
Color full grate feetie and them have formt
Round and round and go around again about.
Psalm three retort public park land and hand.
The Artes Centre slouching haggling miners.
Tin red lead bauxite hard water carne wash.
One da hell de krista kollage. C.C.
C.C.C.P - dunna tempt thieves. ((or rapist)
Walking home the police advise; (walk in pairs,
Stay in the light, avoid paths with heavy growth,
Keep your hemline just below the knees.))
Don't take any wooden nickels. Keep an eye
On your drink. Alert not alarmed. Blame the victim.

A series of speakers spoke about the recent laws passed in the
ACT. Laws that, while mild in themselves, have caused both the Liberal
and the Labor Governments to use the extraordinary powers the
commonwealth has over the territories to repeal the legislation. So we
are of course then faced with the very unedifying spectacle of
watching the Labor Party (once a member of the Socialist
International, once a leader of the non aligned pact) siding with the
Christians to repeal laws and curb human rights within the ACT.

Dies Irae

Kevin Ruddock has aligned himself, and therefore the ALP, with not
just Christians of any old sort, but the most vile type of Christians,
the ones who use the 'Word of God' to oppose the rights of others. The
type of Christian who is happy to see women die rather than have
abortions, or even contraception, the type of Christian who would
rather millions of children in the Third World die of easily cured
disease than have one blow dried hair on one perfumed Christian head
upset. The type of Christian who is happy to find forgiveness in their
heart for the assorted adulterous liars, pedophiles, confidence
tricksters, war mongers and out right hypocrites, who happen to be of
the same faith, while the poor child forced to crime or drug addiction
by soul destroying poverty (the type of poverty Jesus urged his
followers) and alienation should be dealt with by the full weight of
the law.

These are the same type of Christian who allow years of sexual and
physical abuse against children to pass uncommented on, but feel that
their morality is being attacked when two men or two women chose to
marry, and so will organise as a political force to oppose the rights
of those unlike themselves.

Kevin Ruddock and his pals line up with the insurance companies and
finical institutes to fleece countless homosexual couples, so that
even after the finality of death the greedy will attempt to steal the
funds of the deceased, and the deceased can have one final humiliation.

Or maybe Ruddock, and his illustrious predecessor John Coward, are
caving in to the terrorists. For if the terrorists so 'hate the
freedoms' of the West, maybe it is a good strategy to lessen freedom
and even to curtail rights in some instances, if only to keep the
terrorists from launching attacks on our soil.

Or maybe it is just simple fear and bigoted loathing that motivates
such activities.


A series of speakers discussed various issues and problems raised by
the legislation and the various parties responses. Amnesty
feels that marriage rights are a human right. I have no
reason to disagree. A speaker from Gender Agenda spoke about the
problems that all marriage laws face, first and foremost in Australia
begin that there is no legal definition to define a Man or a Woman. A
member of the local Quaker groups spoke movingly about equality that
ended with an epiphany on her fathers death bed, that in the end all
that matters in this world is love. Trust the Quakers to say the right
thing, after all it takes them 100 years to make a decision and when
they do they are 100 years ahead of society. There were several other
speakers, and i must apologise for not noting them in this essay as i
had to attend to my three young children.

So to all the religious out there who will be appalled; I was in fact
thinking of the children, as I want my kids to grow up full of an
actual love, not blindly informed by the everyday hatred and narrow
mindedness that is palmed off as love in our current incarnation of
Christendom. Rather the type of love that knows that if Jesus were to
return, he would not be a well dressed bourgeois, but rather he would
be the ragged hobo that so many walk past and over holding tight to
their wallets, muttering 'get a job' under their minty breath, he
would be close to the hookers and junkies and AIDS sufferers. The
Others that those who falsely masquerade as Christians feel the need
to, at best, ignore and to mock and humiliate as a matter of course.

Anything that can extend human rights must be seen as a positive, as
it extends democracy, and the extension of democracy benefits
everyone, even those who abhor democracy. Indeed one of the hallmarks
of our current age is the suppression of democracy, mainly in the name
of security, but parallel with that there has been going on for many
years now a bald faced full frontal attack on all aspects of working
class culture and identity. Only by pushing the bonds of what freedom
and human rights are will society progress.

If my neighbor wants to marry a lounge suite, how could that in any
way affect my love and familial relations? If my neighbor marries one
of his or her own sex how is that even my concern? The only reason to
deny same sex marriage rights is outright bigotry, or if one is so
insecure about their own relationships that they feel the need to deny
others the same rights. And when governments make bigotry policy we
can see why the One Love group seeks to make 2010 a year of action.
And when governments make discrimination law, we must support this and
similar campaigns, as it will only make our world more luxuriant and
better for all.

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