Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Domestic Sorrow and Joy

Blind Boy Grunt used to write finger pointing songs. This is a self pitying song. Enjoy or not at your leisure, feel free to use it, add to it, take away etc. just link back to the original.

I step into the velvet night
Biting cold slap across my face.
Lights of cars flash and reflect
Dust and home fire aerosol.

I step into the velvet night
And light up a days end joint
Far off an animal screams once
And is silent. Dew falls on grass.

I win, in my dreams, a trophy
Golden cup brimming luscious trifle.
I meet dream shades of long ago
Fumbling backseat inept lovers.

Old shoes tattered shuffle across
Well groomed rocking Zen gardens.
Is that old man me? In my dreams?
Endless sorrow gray wells up within.

Until our youngest, full of energy
And endless love and joy climbs our bed
And begs, her throat cut, for morning toast
With honey and apple juice and love.

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