Wednesday, May 9, 2012

entha kai entha

The sky father and pregnant bride
Rule the ebbing summer.
Hand in hand the upper ether.
Two outsreched fists reckoning
Some twenty degrees above
The horizon. 
                         A plane flies
Shrinking, to the northwest.
The sound waves move away
Further apart, engines become
A dulling and lowing lament.

The yellow and black honey bee
And the white winged butterfly;
Old man tattered, wings painted
Two small black full stop spots.
Hover and alight the same yellow
Weedy, boney, will to power 
Struggling  cracked cement
Verneal flower.
                             Of a sudden
A gust of wind whips across 
The parking lot and blows the 
Frail away. A child's soap bubble.

Here and there.

I walk the green fast growing
Daily sprinkled town water
Grassy church park. Four large black
Yellow paneled cockatoos 
Screech unworldly. Buffet and spin
This way and that, fighting and then
Catching the wind full speeding away. 

This is just a bunch of random images/thoughts jammed together. Ply upon Ply and all that...

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