Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life Within

Three tonne of wood delivered
Warm tightly stacked nest for mice
Bought early at the best price.

And in the wind whipping afternoon
Faded flannel well scuffed shoes
Dirty hair muddyshit stained jeans
I lean forward, as if throwing the heavy
Log splitting metal point. Exploding
Along the path of grain. One into two.

And alien worlds unknown are revealed
To me. Entire worlds in the cooling
Afternoon. Paths of nests and trails
To food bored out burrowed
Secreted in secret silent lives
Passed without sunlight. Insects
Scatter as the axe head splits the wood.

Crackling fireplace throwing light and warmth
Children and dogs huddling the screaming
Popping sound of strange life ceasing.

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