Sunday, December 2, 2012

shadows and sighs

Long streaks of early morning shadows
Fall right to left across the paddocks
And they shrink each time I turn my head
To look out the window, clear and windy.
Overnight the wind howled and groaned.
And I thought, no one happy until death
Can the dead be happy? And then my son
Said, be careful for what you wish for.
What? I was just thinking, well I thought
About spiders and they are creepy
And then I thought about this cartoon
And it is a bit creepy,
And the moral of the cartoon is
Be careful for what you wish for

And I was reading from the Oxford
Illustrated History of Greece
And the Hellenic World.

Child? Why do you cry?
Why is your heart so full of grief?
Speak now! Do not conceal!
These things in fact came from Zeus,
After you prayed.
Arms outstretched.
Palms up supplication.
You prayed all the sons of the Achaeans
To be hard pressed, huddling sterns of ships.
Wanting for you, suffering shamefully.

With deep sighs and groans swift footed Achilleus spoke
O my mother, all these things have been granted of Zeus;
But what pleasure is there now that my love has died?

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