Saturday, June 8, 2013

War of the Worlds

Last night I had a night of disturbing dreams. It was a War of the Worlds sort of dream, and I was running and hiding from the aliens who where rampaging around the countryside. This was all very fun and interesting in a disturbing way.

Later the dog woke up my partner, as he had to relieve himself. So half awake, and half dressed I took the dog outside. In the cold clear night, with no clouds and a wide open starry night, I stood alone. Waves from the ocean smashed into the sandy land making an echoing sound like the engines of the giant alien machines from my dream. And when the wind caught the gate and rattled it back and forth, I jumped and my heart skipped a beat.

Lucky for me the dog had finished and I was able to rush back into the house and pull the covers up over my head and fall back into embrace of sleep.

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