Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holy Brothel

Junkies heard the lonely dawn
Awake all night - looking - hoping
Not finding...

Buildings collapsed
New fangled weapons - who would have known
We had no way of knowing...
We would have moved mountains...
Billions of dollars
Mountains of money
We had no way of knowing...

Not unforeseen - but allowed to happen
What else can we conclude.

Women carried their
Dreadful puking infants
Another generation of death
Another generation to die
Sacrificed to the altar of money

The doctor fucked a woman
(He did not know her name)
In his car behind the super market
Vomited her holy brothel

Breathless ideas of sad bombings
Soldiers killed all that was happy
Monstrous rulers begged for sultry cock
While the free fell asleep
Beside tired creeks - we have done enough
Lawyers raped the angry electorate

Demons trampled upon breathless flower children
Ideas seduced - Ideas based on money and money alone

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