Saturday, December 15, 2007


this piece was published in issue six of the block journal "The journal is edited and produced by A.N.U. Writers, a student collective based at the Australian National University in Canberra."

Indistinct of an obscur gully obtuse
Mockinall liarbird only seeks
After three truths when
Three free objects dare agree
Only the lieingbirdseeks
Treestars glomegulchen

By mysterious monster misters
Indistint wellmeta oldfella metamorphobes
His ownlywee dauters innarock stone there
Safe tecting them allsafe one heldefil
And turned himself into a mockin creature
All at once to ovidious maden toletgo
Hiss magipointinbone waxcovered
Endless forever and ever anne dever
Birdscratch of bec becca beccus
Grubbin allowances of compost
Soas too allure maze cockies
Descend unnavygate wilscrublan
Dark gloomgolet none holying truenort
Sirensigningsong fore steedy seduction
Into the wildress brumbybush oldoldold
Ancien mountains maintain oldenstoopd
Achin repeat oft mocksingsong covover
Childim off cloud concealt
Childen off crowds revealt
Thickscent glowing mushrooms

Oinly the lionbirt seekeyen afertooth
Ownly afernoon whan make dear peacen

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