Sunday, November 9, 2008


Some older artifacts (about four years ago). I can see I was groping after something. Did I ever get there? I am not sure. I think I was attempting something interesting.


I can do no more than offer up these pieces to the gnawing criticism of the mouse click

I digress.

Unfathomable depths.
This is our children's inheritance.

Or some unidentifiable creature.
Stations with bare hands.

Sweeter than that of sodomy, practiced passively?
No rational thinking person could be offended.

Coming together we separated.
I wonder where Why HOW
Later the sky turned jet black

He had been rusticated the university spraying.
The relentless attack, the never ending suggestion.

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To Mr. Thomas Connelly

"No rational thinking person could be offended."

Here you have displayed the strength of the reasoning, the power to understand the reality, if one has a rational mind. I think Bertrand Russell had done much investigation, and reporting too, in this line.

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Naval Langa