Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joy to Sorrow

went to Omar Musa's website (he won the last two ACT heats of Poetry Slam) and he was talkin' 'bout the USA election. Had some good things to say

yeah. that sums it up. also, the over-the-top
spectacle of the Democratic National Convention.
isn't it just too much? much too hollywood in my
opinion. bill mouthing "i love you" to hillary? michelle
obama's nauseating speech?? get the fuck out of
here!! people are eating it up though.

which made me wanna publish a poem i wrote at the time
cause i too was a bit nauseated by the family love theme
i guess only american families count.

but we have to get over the idea that america matters
cause they aint america has ALWAYS been a lie
just have to ask the manahatta indians
The sooner we move past the lie the better off we will be

Joy to Sorrow

The infant lay silent in her mothers arms.
Endless salty tears fell on her cooling skin.
The doctors offered apologies, nurses
Said they were sorry and quietly left the room.
Leaving the family alone with the child
And the father sat silent sobbing staring out
The window. While the grandfather silent seethed
The cost of insurance, the grandmother hovered
Offering tea and tissues and more splashing tears.
Empty. Alone. The infant silent her mothers arms.

In the village a mother claws mindless the rubble
Uncovering the silent infant; with a thin
Line of blood from her nose, a thin line her left ear.
Sudden silent came the drone sudden came the flames.
Someone far off, put down his coffee, flicked a switch.
Almost at once, yet half way around the world,
A father was killed, a grandfather was killed,
A grandmother with a mortal wound, wanted to die.
An officer declared success 'we got some bad guys'.
The silent infant, pale, covered with concrete dust.
The mother's tears falling, splashing powerless.
The silence of the infant in her mother's arms.

At the same time - some place far away from
The silent infants, the candidate took the stage,
With his wife and children at his smiling side.
And the crowd was silent in the candidate's presence.
And his speech was eloquent, and his wife charming
As they spoke heartfelt cadence of the strength they drew
From their children, their family. Once elected
He promised to do all he could to protect
The family.
A Mothers tears are without end.

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