Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ashen Overlord

This was written a while ago, maybe i was thinking something, but i can't remember what. This one had a heap of edits to make into something legible. (The $ sign envoi is a BASH variable construct, I do like shell programming, it is in many ways the epitome of reuse) When you do something on the UNIX Command Line, you should ask yourself how can i abstract this, how can i script this and make it generic?

He wore a pulverised hard rock
Pluto ash silt soot. Froth gray
Ember in the industry. Cinder gray
Was whats tarn locos what says.

Describe the colour
Fat deposition copper
What sed, settling spit
Lees on his lip...

The colour of cancerous
Old man a Juno wag
A wagging might.

And I thought of my old grandpa
Gold on the kitchen table.
Sitting up straight Dead Eyes judging
And his lucky Club Polo shirt
Fume, dross and faded washings.

The skin was blind cloudless
Flat now dead granpa smeart back
The kitchen table. Eyes open
The tearburn smut suit fifty
Dollars that shop the maul. Dead.

And the unknowing dog sniffed
And licked back his hand dead.
And muther charsed the dog
Out the kitchen. Jimmy Jimmy
She screamt aloud - taken
That cur outside eh?! Take him
Filthy beast and tie him up.

${For the rest of the day
the dog howled and bayed
her opposition to the leash}

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