Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreamskip with Hunter

This was entered for a contest. One had to use the word "home" in a poem, I guess cause they rhyme. The was my entry. A dream scape with Jagger. And the song i was listening to? Pretty lame in all, I guess it was why the poem was not published :-) It makes me smile.

Oh me Oh my - In the dark and the chill
I'm falling I'm falling I've fallen
(It's so very lonely - you're MM lightyears...)

Hungry Ocelots Massacre Everybody
Orggressive Militarists Emaciate Hellopotamia
(From the swerve of the Trigger
to the bend of the Oesophagus)
Maddening Emperors Hail Oligarchs
Everywhere Happiness Opposes Money

With the light comes the warmth - I'm Rising I'm Rising
I've Risen - Back to my home - your beating hot.

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