Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I wrote this sometime. just over a year ago. looking over some stuff and i thought, i like this one. so here it is.

In the laughternoon
The settling son sorrows
The thousand and one
Bosoms of Artemis
Away walking
The slight blush our ladye's
Waye away lousy deer!
Away you Elders!

Sway away - false economics
From the lien of the loan
To the bust of the bank
The surface is beautiful
Dazzling - but underfoot
Only corruption and death

The view from here
Seem limitless
Far into space
Far across the future
But when one looks down
Everything stands on a motion
Of death - a motion to despair

Or the jenny sister would
Mouth it - Windmer day
When all would speak
And be taught shame.

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