Thursday, April 16, 2009


gotta love bus stations all of life in one block. must have written this on a Wednesday.

Fragile underneath old-timey
Wan god of war and leftist lover
Of pale poetry

Pilgrim bus station -
Dressed all taffeta - drunken
Police Methadone

Today the nameday giver of poetry

Wending my way northwards - to hell -
Windy the modern onset - underground -
Twisting and turning now facing East
Now Vespers - Now the roaring clotted
End of day

Now the reedy couple -
Junky rushed - Screaming Desires

Thrown packet of cigarettes
Into the face -

Obscenities hurled
Along the platform

Young woman on a bench makes
Herself small, not easy to see
While screaming they care not
Only intent on each others failings
And so ignore as she sends messages
To her friends

A thin silver cross
Between rounded breasts.

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