Tuesday, May 26, 2009


went to sleep, woke up and wrote it down. there is no castro street in canberra, nor northbourne avenue in san fran.

Typical weather pattern for the time of year
High pressure systems spawning beautiful clear
Hard half moon crystal stars fall earthy down
Sparkling dew drops melt rosy fingered dawn

Under my feet the road falls away
Under my feet, leading down.
A small valley soft, formed,
Over nameless years or more,
The freshly minted and named
Ginninderra Creek.

Slow wide valley, now
Gurgling simple, now pestered
Of storms, now restrained
Consulting town planners.

The wispy clouds of mist
Roll along the meandering
Water, spreading all ways
Of the now gurgling simple
Ginninderra Creek.

Line of Sight Blocakage.
The sharp hill from water
Rising. Where Castro St
Intersects Norhtbourne
Avenue, an obsured
Train chug chugs steep
And tugs and tussles and
Struggles pumping and puffing
Glowing thick black brown smoke.

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