Monday, May 25, 2009

The New World

This is, for some unknown to me reason, called The New World. I guess it is about science creating a new world and then the tension between the new world and the old. I guess.

Interface between the surge
And the Christ
Alone on the bus -
I look out past coverts
Of trees an 'arsh eroded
Gullies - maybe 'alf a kay
Away or so. South west.

Two men bored digging
Old yeller faded plant
Her the interface
Of tech wild add the mild
(man made - artificial)

Interface - Eaterdeath
Enter fade - Over & OUT
Yes interface of Air and Breath
Huh Interfrance of fist and flesh
Life and death - crunch and munch

And your everywhen
All around is torn down
Mangled spindled ripped
Apart asunder.

Rold at in a trinity
A tree facaded milky chai
But even tree into won is not holeisit?
Rather still pater linear
The Father = The Past
The Son = (obviously) The Present
Spiritus Sanctus = The Future

Unknown unknowable

And the interface of the old
(Accent on the first dare) and
The new (modern as tomorrow
afternoon) - One is ground to
Powda (mode red-mixed with bland)
And high nigh into the sky
To girt girl wide contact
And flutter bye baby bird down
Slowly over all days covering
The world with a thing coast of
Dust, O'Halleron, California,
Texas in QLD.

A single tree growing
Cork screw wise - a single
Three from one base (interface
The dirt and sky) spreading into
Throe equal and coexistent breasts.
The tree of the serpent (forever and on
you will toil for your food)
The tree of the trinity

A hill rising up - rusting with
Thrist - striving with hunger.
The rage - interfraud of land and law
The surface is the interface with
The devil.

The double.

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