Saturday, May 2, 2009


I was going somewhere or meeting someone - can't quite remember. I went down the town and was waiting in the square by the Legislative Assembly Building.
so that:

Virus makes satin for poison
slimy liquid
Venomous sap spa
Melting away a gwy by the blutful

Language is a virus is a rose is a poison


Numbing time mind of memory...

Watching the trees and
The leaves as they fall...
Fading light
Dull sleepy weepy blue
Gray bottle pink nose.
An empty fountain turned off
After hours. An empty piazza
And a statute shrouded in metaphysics
On Mort Street, banish mother of lain death,
Three AM drunken gibbering. A young family.
A young lesbian couple arm in arm in love
Turn and walk past. (The love that dares not
Erode all values.) The space around the words
Is empty. NOTHING. Australian
Bird contrary not so much screade as sing song
Torn stripped long list of torn clothe.
Harsh calling forth the going down of day.

Lane way of heartless public arte,
A moth drowning, Death struggling listless
Water rejecting accents of light. Tip Tap
Tip tapping song riddim of a woman's shoes.
She has tied her hair back.
Her lover takes a photograph
As if affection and the all at once proof.

I sit on a bench and charm spells from outta lies.
Ancient plant so ill famed. CRIMINAL. And yet?
Leaf page cartwheels wan empty space.

Well Fed.
Well Watered.
Warm in house and dress.
Vanity of giving.
And yet refuse to help.
And extend three electrical cheers
For dem rulers what ax so little
What allow 'em to be cruel, as they wanna be.

The rapid clicks and clacks
Of the bicycle tyre. A low growl
Electro dance rumba ramble.

The red of her land
The yellow of her sun
The black of her skin.

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