Sunday, May 3, 2009

Joy Delights In Joy

This is about how people who believe in god heaven/hell afterlife can kill with ease. let god sort it out, they say with a grim good humor.
A joycean pun on shakespeare and the opportunity to rhyme broken with bourbon.
Too Too Fabulous!

She dowsed him sweet knocked him flaton the ground
She regained he stood on his feet and yelled
In rage and snorting nonsensical sound
Head bone to bridge of nose and she he felled
Sweets with sweets war not she through blood spoke clear
And I moved forward sensing our weakness
Where stops the bus there shop I
- laugh my dear
Once last time her blade plunged into my breast
Charming flashing red and blue filled the room
Still flashing splatters of blood and broken
Flesh and splashes of sorrow sadness gloom
And fuming anger soaped carpet bourbon

He can end as well she slays easily
Are we all not bound for eternity?

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