Friday, June 26, 2009

Et Tu

Starting with an unix command line invocation and tumbling through swinburne and various verses of non meaning, and ending in nothing more than vice. an experiment let out to hang and you can like it or not, myself i am ambivalent, but it does have some nice patches. and anything has to be better than the non stop wall of lies we get to read. (or the high level design documents i get to write day after soul destroying day)

find . -name "*txt" -exec grep -li nterfa {} \;

Reading Byron is like programming in C

While Swinburne is like programming with lisp

Standing on the headland, the waves breaking,
The howling wind lonely. Vast entire heavens
Above, a new world unseen in front.

Entrancing dream chanting moral
(All busyness) meaty walk wall
Brick younguns and dumb oldest
Bolshie timber and the boldest
Plumpy rump stake rare of regal length
Seedy sperming foam of sailors strength
Ding dong dangling off the sharp punt
Auf herr faeces. Drip dropping hunt

Wile sly spiral frosting attends
Both of her chesty corf pop ends
(The friction rises; indeed falls.
A snerring of cataphobic calls
And expulsions).
Flick! Flock! Fire!
Trunk grinding forth a series entyre.
Big bags of benders and scant fenders,
Grate damp triangulation senders,
Heartz mimic, heat radio waves,
Ipod, you pong. Now five dollars saves
The householster from starvation.

Pleasing piss around frustration.
Off weep sleep apnoea champers
Out, about grousing, high mugged pitchers.
Rugged jugs of milky white fright
Fair ran off to desert night fight.
Peeling sand off heat haze fliers
And he satayed burning fires.

They pair plumped the debts each notwake
Up and down the intersolar fake.
Fecal dragging bran strum malstorm
Storm broadcast each and every form
Mine and maul dub bub header listens
Up around storied building glistens
Raising bablewise to even stevens
Falling begin again white covens.

United techno choler raced.
Wild the river cistern braced.
Not unknown, for the sentries round
Her the radar, once was lost, found.
The missing aeroplane and crew.

This then here must assured true
Be stated that all wealth generation,
And not the fine dust substitution
With and obsession of death, to all
Who, of course, consume sub micron small
In seize seas size and deep into
His her lung fishing love of flashing loo,
Trimp shrimp and save trip dividing
And sub devising schemes rising
Fractional down a fraction of tubes
Tubal (like a hi ho spread danube)
Until terminate and stay resident

And hell took ill and ailment
She thrushed and slushed agreed fever
And her wife took ill and her child heir
And his her grund chill lil fill ill in turn
No pill about for to ill back death spurn
Well will into health - not the lamp
Of the smokeless fire that first clump
Nun clear never hospitality,
And duo beer crapped diamond stinky
Unto her bend lent out to knights
Tippelary 'twas her turn to clack
The rattle tattler of her back
Two pound day of groat sweet turtle
Tut tutting a groin of fysics battle
In great con fluemence - What is It?
What is it?
What can it be?
Why? How? When?

And the injurt tugged up your bed
He croaked covering own owning head.
Bleed Blood
Drips Dropping
Cords Snapping
Chips Chapping
Flips Flapping

Aryans okie doking to grown
Gown mushy zimmer
Farasi - Nononono sososo bad banned rejerct
Floor ever the brown boomer
Winstonian newtowns arrow panes
Buts and strife the fluxing pillagers
Look at them skitter scatter he boomps art
His lacateous treat mick in the booming
Kow tow boarded boy wanna be as bing
As all outdoorious vice.

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