Monday, June 22, 2009

What Does Fascism Mean to Me?

I wrote this a long time, over ten years ago at least - sad to say it is still relevant. The quote is from Georgi Dimitrov, the full article can be found here

But whatever the masks that fascism adopts, whatever the forms in
which it presents itself, whatever the ways by which it comes to power

  • Fascism is a most ferocious attack by capital on the mass of the working people;
  • Fascism is unbridled chauvinism and predatory war;
  • Fascism is rabid reaction and counter-revolution;
  • Fascism is the most vicious enemy of the working class and of all working people.

At times I ask myself
Where did Hitler's storm troppers
Come from? At other times I look
Around, and it's all too clear.

(It. fascismo: bundle, group)

The shattered dreams
Of a young girl
Her neck broken.

A flat dusty road.
A halo of crimson.

No saints.
No violets.
Just the Other.
And the smell of rust

An old man killed
Along the road.

Whole countries burn,
While at home,
The papers scream
A shortage of soap.

And to all those who think
It can not happen again
Look around
And think
If they said
Let's go and kill 'em
How many would join up?

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