Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meandering Shelters

selling packing the house - delving with lawyers and banks and agents and all sorts - it's a bourgeois town. got a copy of 'The Golden Bough' for the trip. so we are almost there - just a few days to go.
this is, like all poetry, an autobiography. the last few days in a few lines.

I - Rex Nemorensis

Early Morning
Patty cakes &
Car tunes
Slight aroma
Burnt edge
Burnt toast
Butter Honey
Thick rich scent
Coffee's on
Blurry growl
Opens her eyes
Closes her eyes

Kookaburra sings
Chattering braying jackass
She holds enfolds the snake
The serpent in her strong beak
Breaking bones upon the branch

Deep dewdrop night
The trees show
The first blush
Of autumn

Butterflies spread
Their wings


The dog sits
East West Axis
Sphinx wise


No scanning of prison staff
And they are calling all the time
To see if we are okay

II - Laughter none

Puddles of bubbles and sinks
Of slops of last nights stew

Dreamy blue sky
King of the wood
Runaway slave
The mirror lake
Mortal combat
Forest husband

The purple bloom of Iola
The crimson crush of rose petal
Spilt blood and fleeting beauty
Point to an ancient
To a deep sorrow

A sad philosophy
Goods of the spindle

III - Violet Stained Dawn

Admixture is more everyday than Purity
Purity is blockage a dead end
The way of death constriction
A closure a resolution
Purity is a narrowing
Purity is delusion
Admixture is the everyday
The contact which brings

Thin clear night wine stars electric sky

High Pressure System
Clear clear jet clear
The earth gives up heat

The hollowed out immature dragonfly
Hangs Christlike across the fine
Lines of the spider dew drop web
Early morning low angled sun
Refracts the drops of water
Forming spherical rainbows
Around and about the corpse
Allowing the spider
To live another day

The light and the water mix
And rise and form a billowing
Blanket over the creek

The night time gentle weeps
The crimes of day light.

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Our beautiful, ugly existance. Right here.