Saturday, May 1, 2010


Capital tends to corrupt and demean all things - in this we have sold our house to get away from the ownership society, which was nothing but a right wing con to take our money from us, and to make working people too fearful to revolt, and to try to make the concerns of the ruling class the concerns of the slaves.

Death comes when the tide is low.

Morning of disappointment and delay
Family sorrow and disappointment.

Mud babies made mawkish delays
And confusions of names
Placed into the homeless
Busted penniless womb.
An embryonic effigy.

Child of placental error
Mother of freedom.

Always must one smooth away
Impressions left of sleep
And never musty messed up
Pick up that which has fallen
Nor shall one ever eat any beans
Or pulses or expose irrational numbers.

One must break from heartier costumes.

Disappointed at the flooding
Of the tides
Pit of the stomach

Living in spare rooms
Living on kindness.

A large black fly buzzes
Erratic kitchenware.

A wilderness of disappointment
With the present state of affairs.
Disappointment with the sexual act
Disappointment even with the ocean.

Tiny fish school
A stream and flow
The tidal pale.

Washed up
Vomited out
Ejected the sea
In her smooth white hand
This white smooth piece
Of pitted whale bone
Vertebrae elaborate
Of design and texture.
Pouted sand pitted a silent
Terror of months years decades
Held cold dark pressure.

The tiny child hand
Reaches the wet sandy
Beach explores both
Nose and tongue.

Loud lout snore thing
Shifting of gears
Top to bottom
Snoring snares
To catch unawares.

Dreads dance up on
My mind creek
And crack dissipate.

Tinkling stars of spirits
Annotated parade of tourists
And their dogs.

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