Thursday, May 6, 2010


Nature is vast
Feeble we are.

The photo is from NASA site

Vast this intricate imaginary.
Pale this insignificant vessel.

How much like nothing
This single self
Of species being.

To understand and grasp
Tallow seep into the pores
Invasive of dark corners

Low ground dicksonia cover
Damp temperate rain forest
Small shoots of bright green
Where the leaves echo the boughs
And the boughs repeat the leaves
With a swimmingly mathematical
Percussion of endless pirouette.

On the frippery slippery
Sea side slope the rocks
Are rolled smooth and cold
To the touch salty to taste
Rounded and silent millennia
Abstracted to novel designs
For new ways of seeing
And translating the world.

And the young ones argued
With their parents. If you
Wish to live your life as
Small ones, as timid mice
Who jump in fear and tremble
At all that is new and different
Than that is your own look out.
We however we wish to raise
Our children to be expansive.
To not live always in fear
Or petty hatred.

A feeble speck on the heaving
Ocean, or as Algy said, the Great
Sweet Mother. Posturing
Pretence of the city dwellers
Urbane struggling for reception.
As if nature is something to be
Overcome, or something that must
Be bettered. Something must be added
To make nature more enjoyable.
Thou hath conquered and made the world gray.

A shiny dead fish under the surface.

Pulses of overnight rain
Tattered shattered clouds
Toying moon near full mother
Mosquito coil smouldering
Sub tropic memories.

Misty muddy toes in a tidal pool
Tiny fish scooting, the children
Laughing chasing learning.

For over three billion years
For over three thousand million years
The silent microbes built alone
The earth the very air we breath
The vast towers of iron and steel
All and more made of silent
Process progress.

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