Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Dead Bee

Waiting for the bus and noticed a dead bee in a spiders web.

A dead bee in an empty web -
(Weaving as he goes) Appears at first glance
To be a magical levitating against all
Rational thought sort of thing.

A closer look - I can see the thin
Strands invisible in the shadows
Holding the dead hollow creature.
(this is how it ends?)

A fine architecture of wealthy lies
The structure of our modern endeavour

And she was but a child atop the crow's nest
- The exulted call of the carrion eaters! -

Suspended in a web above Gaia's child

((Meandering Mother) (Incest Lover)
(Murderer of the Piercing Serpent)
(Water Dragon of Chaos) (Demon of Envy))

A sprig of myrtle - And scattered salt
In her hair - and the dead hovering bee
At the bus stop -

And as she fell (with a whimper)
She thought of far away green
She thought of her love.


Anonymous said...

Classical beauty.

Worthy of attention, praise, publication.

Jason Gusmann said...

this is a strange place. i like strange places.